Sunday, July 6, 2014

Darkcoin and the Dark Markets

It was my plan to keep this blog current with where I'm at in my journey through the crypto-world.  Apparently I must also inform readers of how I come to some of the conclusions I list.  It makes sense.  The problem is that certain forums are pulling my thoughts before I can get them here.  Believe me, I have no problem sharing my opinion.....I just wanted it here first.  This one here was the reason I got back into crypto.  So, without any further a due, the next read is taken from one of my forum posts:  

Right on. I appreciate hearing some opposition. It allows me to get this out on the table before anyone reading my blog or what I'm about to write, has a chance to take anything out of context. My rationalization for this whole DarkMarket/Darkcoin thing stems back from around mid- to late April of this year and I'll lay it out there for you, but I want to clarify a few things first. That's about the time I found DarkCoin and really, as I say, "hit the ground running" back into the world crypto-currency. I was around in the beginning....back in the early days of Bitcoin (all in my blog)....although I'm a more recent arrival to this idea of hundreds of coins, jockeying for a slice of the pie.

I implore you, please help debate this! I'm interested in anyone's take on it. I'm not so sure how much I agree with the outlook anymore, although I've yet to find anyone really talking about it. In my opinion, I think these are valid issues.

When I put this idea together back in April, I thought it was solid gold. Mind you, I didn't know nearly as much as I do today about the hundreds of other coins out there. Up to that time, I knew and previously mined Bitcoin but had only heard of Litecoin. The research began....learning algorithms, scripts, reading forums, watching markets, testing miners, constantly surveying pools and blockchains, Wikipedia, what's this, what's that, how do I do this...........let me tell you, there was quite a lot to catch up on from the days of 1 coin. This is about the time I pieced all the scraps of Bitcoins I could find together......and went all-in on Darkcoin. From that point on, it was all things Darkcoin. 

Oh, this would be a good time to insert my retort to the guy up there who was talkin' his nonsense about those triangles......I respect what it is that you do, I tried getting into it but it's just not my cup of tea. I prefer to invest my own personal stake as I see fit, not according to any magical triangle theorems. I'm sure it works for some people....but for me, I'll stick with true belief in the product I'm buying (or mining in this case).....or for more speculative ventures, through use of my own reasoning.....forecast a scenario that would push the price of a market sky high. These are pretty much my beliefs as it relates to crypto-currency in general. As I have diversified my portfolio, I have tried to include coins I truly believe in, long term. I'm also not opposed to earth-shattering breakouts......especially if they're already my coin of choice.

My arrival on the idea of DarkMarkets/Darkcoin came in great deal to this article:

Now I'm not going to lie, I have fractured a law or two in my life, and indeed I had heard of these illegal darknet sites. I was never really involved with them directly, but I do know that they did work......and pretty effectively from what I hear. I can also recall from back in the day......when SilkRoad first hit the national news. I was already into Bitcoin, knew about Silk Road, and the time.....really couldn't believe "this" was just now making the news. Silk Road really wasn't much of a secret.....I mean they weren't exactly putting up billboards.....but it was pretty common knowledge in just about every Bitcoin related circle I traveled. Anyway, this news about Silk Road caused was one of the first HUGE price increases Bitcoin had seen to that time. 

Whether you believe in the goods & services Silk Road offered is beside the point. It did help surge an infant Bitcoin through some potentially dangerous time. It could be argued that Bitcoin may not have ever become the behemoth it is today without Silk Road. Even today, people all over will look at me like I've got a penis growing out of my head when I tell them I'm into crypto-currency. You don't have to explain it to me.....I get it, but most people won't take the time to listen or truly understand why cryto is good. The learning curve is so high before you get to that "ah-ha" point.....swarms of people are unlikely to ever come flocking at once. Once you throw a niche in there like Silk Road was to Bitcoin, you suddenly give a large group of people, who would otherwise be unmotivated to learn or care about a Bitcoin, reason to start buying them up hand over fist. 

I can understand Bitcoin wanting to distance itself from the DarkMarkets now, as it is the mainstream in the crypto-world. It made it. King, Chief, Head N@gga' in Charge. I would guess investors in Bitcoin during the Silk Road breakout may not have wanted to distance themselves too far from something that was catapulting their investments skyward. I could hardly be considered an investor at the time but my coins were worth more and we (Bitcoiners) were getting some exposure. This may be a topic for another thread but I don't really see the Dark Markets as a force so terrible, they must be stopped. And for a coin like Darkcoin, this is the niche your coin was intended to fill. I don't really care if you intended it (no offense). 

I am the son of a I know exactly what it's like for someone to watch every dollar you spend. Yeah, he could see where, when, and on what every dollar in my account was spent on. It's not exactly an oppressive government.....but it makes me especially receptive to anonymous transaction currency. Although I still don't see such a vast need for it that swarms of people will decide to defy the learning curve and start buying into something they have no idea about. Who do people have to hide from? What are you trying to hide? Anonymity is a right, I agree.....but why is it suddenly such an issue that you're willing to adopt a new currency over it? I mean, when my dad was watching my transactions.....the only thing I cared about were the late night cash withdrawals of hundreds of dollars. Quite frankly, I didn't want him to see them because they were for things I shouldn't have been doing. Point being, I could care less about anonymous long as the transactions aren't for anything that could potentially get me in trouble. 

I'll try to finish this up. I personally hope Darkcoin makes its way to the darknet markets. Not so I can buy things my coins get red hot. I not only hope they make it there.....I would love to see Darkcoin as the exclusive coin of the darkwebs. Don't just fill the niche for the drug and gun markets.....big picture.....the entire darkweb. I don't think I'd by any means consider the slogan: Darkcoin, for all your illegal desires. It would be lunacy to proclaim Darkcoin condones anything illegal.....but let's not be so quick to discourage the use of Darkcoin anywhere. Those markets start taking DRK......DRK will go up.....and it will gain exposure, much the way Bitcoin did. It was good enough for Bitcoin, why wouldn't it be even better for a coin that was engineered to be better than Bitcoin in that particular niche?

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